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     Vickie and her husband Steve live with their four children, Caleb, Joshua, Josiah, and Hannah, in Colorado Springs, CO. Vickie is a Third Order Benedictine of the Divine Will (BDV) and has a Masters in Educational Psychology.
     Vickie's compelling conversion story started when she began to receive messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary; our Lady was inviting her to conversion. 
     The calling became clearer and culminated in a trip to Medjugorje in 2002.  It was there that she received a miraculous healing of debilitating migraines she had suffered since the age of 12. This was, for her, exactly what she needed to “convict” her into becoming a confirmed Catholic.  
Vickie’s talents, skills and expertise span a broad range of topics, including Marian, Charismatic, Spiritual Guidance, and Gifts of the Holy Spirit including the gift of healing.
     For those new to Vickie’s ministry, it becomes readily apparent that she operates from the perspective and posture of expectant faith. She relies totally and completely on the direction of the Holy Spirit: every day, in every way, in every season!
     Her perspective is one of expectant faith, through which nothing is impossible with God, for it is through the gifts of the Holy Spirit that these kinds of fruits are possible. She takes no credit for the fruits and healings of her ministry. All Glory to God and His Mighty Work!

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