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Are you chronically late? Move at the Pace of Peace

This is the 1st of more vlogs to come! Learn HOW to: Live the Lifestyle of Living on the Breath of the Holy Spirit Daily- This is the realm of Holy Presence and The Miraculous!

Are YOU chronically late? That USED to be me. But not anymore!

The Holy Spirit is within ALL of us and has a PLAN for Everything! (And Everything means Everything!๐Ÿ’™) He began to to deposit Pearl's Wisdom within my spirit, interiorly for the last 20 years! They are any of the following:

1)MAXIMS -Which are short life teachings.

2)COURSE CORRECTIONS- These are moments where I turned right and He was directing me to turn left and He reorients to bring me back onto the Narrow Path

3) TEACHINGS- These are Pearl's of Wisdom in walking faithfully thu the Lens and Language of Love vs the Lens And Language of Fear.

4) DISCERNMENT- He instructs me on how to move through decision making, respond in love versus fear, and how to move thru difficult trials...

The same Holy Spirit who guides ME, is the SAME Holy Spirit who can AND WILL guide you! This is Truth! (Remember the enemy doesn't want you to KNOW truth and will try to convolute truth.)

He is NOT for the chosen few, but YOU as well! Jesus said "I must leave you, because in leaving you, I send you the Holy Spirit who will teach you everything!" ( And everything MEANS everything!)

John 14:26

In this vlog and other vlogs to come, I'll share with you how I hear. It's not necessarily THE way, but it IS A way, to follow Yahweh! (I couldn't resist the rhyme!) The HOPE, is that after you hearing how I hear, you will be open to the potential of Listening Well to the Holy Spirit and Hear His voice within YOU!

He CAN and WILL instruct you from on High and within! A beautiful mystery. HE has the Wisdom you are seeking and He dwells within you so you don't have to go far to HEAR the Holy Spirit because WE ARE the Temple of the Holy Spirit! (1 Corinthians 6:9: What? Know ye not that your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost which is IN you. KJB)

While He IS IN you, not everyone hears well because of busy-ness, noise, fear and oppression of the world. But it's NOT that He's not talking, because He is ABSOLUTELY talking. And you WILL hear Him once you turn down the volume of the world and incline your ear to hear His voice and learn to not DISCOUNT what you have heard as just your voice and imagination. If you WANT to hear, I have GOOD news- You CAN!

Jesus says I will come to you in the Silence. This is 1 of the ways I've heard. I HAVE NOT always heard well, believe me! it was when Jesus left the 99 to come and get the one, ME, is when I began to hear better.. I cried out to Him at a desperate time in my life and He faithfully came. (More on that in vlogs to come.)

These vlogs will be sharing WHAT I've being hearing in the last 20 years but also TEACHING HOW to know its HIS voice!

In this video you will hear, what I've heard as the Holy Spirit guides me to be a better listener and to Move at the Pace of Peace. I'll be teach how I Exercise my Spiritual Muscles daily. (Remember what you exercise grows Stronger!) I'll also share what it means to Live the Lifestyle of Living on the Breath of the Holy Spirit

1Moment @ A Time !

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