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Be Not Afraid 365, 1st Recording - 17 Mar 2020

Have you ever been afraid? We all have from time to time, but we have a fear not based on kingdom thinking but on worldly thinking. In this video, we explore what it means to BE NOT AFRAID. This declaration is spoken 365 times. Think about it. We are given a reminder that each and everyday, 365 days, to be exact, we are encouraged to BE NOT AFRAID! But how do we position ourselves to not be afraid? It is called, being DEPENDENT on the Providence of the Father with such confidence that your faith in Him is moving mountains and seeing the fruit of His Love. What kind of fruit are we talking about? It is Healing, Conversion, Deliverance, Sanctifying Grace, Purification, Edification and Unification to He who is the Vine (John 15).

The Providence of Heaven had manna fall from the sky for 40 years! The Providence of Heaven parted the Red Sea. The Providence of Heaven had water come from a Rock! And the Providence of Heaven can and will be your defender, healer, waymaker, and promise keeper. What can open the doors wide for this touch from heaven is your free will choice to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. After all, He is the Counselor and Paraclete. He will not lead us astray. If we find ourselves getting into a bit a trouble, it could very well be that it is on us for not listening well. Increase the volume to hear Him better through a prayer life steeped in His Providence, Promise, and Protection and Knowing Him, Loving Him, and Serving Him; for He is the Way, The Truth (That sets the captives Free), and the Life. He is the door of your heart and let Him in and Be Not Afraid.

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