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Be not offended! Because you have been equipped to be and express the love that you are!

Here's your daily dose of "Spiritual Oxygen!"

Do you have someone in your world who has offended you? Then this is perfect timing and opportunity for you to Move with Grace to be and express the love that you are as a "witness" of how love responds to offense.

Now we have many "love" options here: Patience, Wisdom (being the teacher to another in love), Joy, Mercy, Trust, Forgiveness, Gentleness, Kindness and more.

Is it easy? Well, usually not. But with GRACE it is EASIER because Grace is the Supernatural Supply of Gods Providence in ANY (and ANY means ANY, without exception).

In this video you heard the message the Holy Spirit gave me to WAIT. That meant that while we were going to go through a challenge, something else was around the corner. That "something" else, has arrived! She's now 14. Our rough patch lasted 2 years. I needed to be ANCHORED to Jesus so that during the "rough patch" I would be unmoved, solid, and loving while she moved thru that season.

My friends, I'm NO exception to God live and His supply of Grace...I had to choose to follow and so do you! So today, CHOOSE to not me offended, and instead Cooperate with Grace, so that Grace can flow through your mind, heart and spirit as YOU be and express the love that you are!


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