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Canceled flight? Canceled plans? Choose to respond from victory rather than react from defeat!

Today my fight was canceled due to a snowstorm! I was already dropped off by my friend Béné and she was heading home.

Lots of things run through your head when plans are changed, or there are ELEMENTS beyond our control. Be we DO have a choice in our REsponse. Most, REACT, and Some REspond.

Today, I invite you to Respond from a Position of Victory rather than REACT from a position of Defeat. You DO have a choice!

If God KNOWS the plan. And God KNOWS the Choreography. And God has the Providence BEFORE the Event...And His Providence has your best interests in His heart...Why React?

Today I invite you to Exercise your Spiritual Muscles and Discern His next direction for you as you choose to REspond to canceled plans beyond your control as you decide to live faithfully ONE moment at a time.

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