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Discerning the discerning that you're discerning - 07 July 2020

What a great title! When we hear from the Holy Spirit, we want to hear accurately don't we? Well, that's exactly what we talk about in this session. The tools that the Holy Spirit uses is what we call Discernment Marker. We are NOTICING our Discernment Markers come when The Holy Spirit is speaking, leading, teaching, and guiding us to follow His lead so that we are edified by Him. Not only are we edified but He, can and does, anoint us to be used by heaven to heal, convert and deliver others so that we can know, love, and serve The Trinity.

In this conversation we take a look at the language and belief system that we articulate in our lives so that we can more accurately come into agreement with the Holy Spirit. Watch how the whiteboard begins to be filled out by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.!

After session prayer session on Discerning the Discernment that You're Discerning:

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