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Do you need to go to battle for someone? Tuck them in the living and effective word of God

I'm sharing my personal story of going to Battle for my Son labeled as Oppositional Defiant in the natural! Every hour of everyday was a REAL BATTLE for peace and healing.

This kid threatened to jump out windows, cut himself, run away...he hurt other kids and constantly disobeyed every Authority figure in his life including us, his parents.

We began this battle at the age of 3 and it continued for 13 years! In the middle of all of that, I took that sweet picture of him and put it IN the Living Word.

Trusting what was promised in Hebrews 4 literally! The WORD of God, Is LIVING AND EFFECTIVE!

At the 13 year point, he came into the kitchen (and I braced myself, because you never knew what the blow up wouldlook like) and he Kissed me on the neck and said "I love you." I HAD MY BOY BACK! He is now a delightful 20 year old, studying Digital Media.

Do you have someone who needs to be "tucked" in the Word? What do you have to loose? Trust the process, and trust the promise!

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