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February 2, 2021: Our Spiritual Compass Within Relationships

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do or say when we have conversations with family, friends, coworkers, church groups. Normal they happen without much thought. But many times there is that awkwardness that has you either second guessing what was said, or leaves you confused about the underlying meanings of some of the topics touched upon during your dialogue. This is the time that we need to go to our Spiritual Compass! The Holy Spirit! He has come to teach us everything ( John 14:26). It is absolutely TRUE that the Holy Spirit CAN and WILL teach us what we need to know. And oftentimes that direction will offer us, not only direction within the conversation (even as it's happening) but also, healing in our lives.

The uncomfortableness that we experience in conversations often occurs because of the way in which we "filter" whats being said by the other person. Whether our navigation within the conversation is right or wrong the filters can have us reading INCORRECTLY the integrity of these conversations. These filters look like the intellect, memories, imagination, senses, and will. What impact these filters is our life experiences. And as I mentioned earlier, those filters do not always accurately gauge the integrity of the conversation well. But the Holy Spirit, Who does SEE, KNOW, and UNDERSTAND the intentions in the dialogue, can guide us to move with the Divine Current in each of these situations. But it takes movement on our part to be intent on hearing the Holy Spirit. This is probably the question I get asked most.

How do I hear the Holy Spirit?

How do I know its Him when I do hear something?

And then, what if the person I'm speaking with reacts negatively to my comments?

If this is the case, did I hear wrongly?

These are all important questions that come with exercising your spiritual muscles of: Knowing the Word. A decision to live the lifestyle of living on the breath of the Holy Spirit. Knowing the language that the Holy Spirit uses. A robust prayer life, in dialoguing with heaven. A hunger and desire to operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Understanding what discernment markers look like and having them confirmed by the fruit experienced in following the Holy Spirit.

Don't worry. The Holy Spirit knows what makes sense to you, how to get your attention and is a patient teacher. While this CAN happen over night for some; I've found that, that is usually not the case. Trust. Trust the process as you YIELDING, RELYING, PRESSING IN, AND ABANDONING yourself to the the Holy Spirit. This is your free will choice to do it or not do it.

In this teaching of The Spiritual Compass, pay close attention to the spiritual warfare aspect of this journey. We HAVE victory! we CLAIM it? In our everyday? In our conversations? In our self-talk? The Holy Spirit is PRESENT to you RIGHT NOW for the conversation to begin.

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