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Have you felt a sense of dread? Breathe IN spiritual oxygen!

Feeling Dread? Your NOT Alone! I want to normalize this for you right now- Everyone experiences dread to one degree or another. Me too!

A few moments ago, I was experiencing this sense of dread. Why?

Well some of this is, is Spiritual Warfare. The enemy is in a battle for souls, but BE ASSURED! We have the Victory!

And some of this experience, believe it or not- is an invitation to USE our free will to Choose to Exercise our Spiritual Muscles (What you exercise grows stronger!). THIS spiritual muscle is LOVE! We are strengthening our relationship with The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! That's right! Really! You see? It's an invitation because heaven won't FORCE us to love, but He WILL "Invite" us!♡.

How do we move through this aspect of the Battle? We use our Spiritual Equipment Our Weaponry!! This is the Battlefield! As you march on-- MOVE-PRAY-BREATHE

As I experienced dread today- this is what I did:

1) I made a DECISION to Move! Move IN the DIRECTION of "Doing what Love Requires" (I got dressed, put on make up, brushed my teeth, and did my hair.)

2) Reached out for PRAYER POWER! I called a friend to "cover" me in prayer.(Right after I did that, I felt her prayer stir in my spirit and the weight lifted supernaturally!)

3) Breathe through the Spiritual Contractions and Breathe IN the Spiritual Oxygen! Meaning, even though it's uncomfortable, you TRUST THE PROCESS because you are now, well on your way to Victory IN your day!

A Position of Victory? Or a Posture of Defeat?

Is it easy? Not always, but it BECOMES a reality when you DECIDE that it's POSSIBLE! The Shift comes when you Decide to Move IN the Direction of Doing what Love Requires in THAT moment, then the next!

Where does that stamina and strength come from? It's Trinitarian! Its Supernatural! It's our Spiritual Oxygen called- "Grace!" Call in Grace from the Holy Spirit- Then Cooperate with Grace!

The Holy Spirit taught me one time that: You have to cooperate with Grace, so that Grace can cooperate with you!

And at another time I heard Jesus say: There is MORE GRACE than air! Imagine that my friends!!

There is MORE than you need to move out of Dread and into Victory! Say it again...I have MORE than I need!

The Father's Extravagant Love has given me MORE than I need!! You don't have to go out and find it! It is HERE! NOW! PRESENT!

In these realities is where CONQUERING dread lives!

Putting one foot in front of the other is where you have DECIDED to Make the Shift! In that decision, everything changes because NOW your Exercising your Spiritual Muscles!

Today might have started out a little rough, but it doesn't have to stay that way! Decide to Move-- Exercise your Spiritual Muscles to Choose to do what Love Requires, and Call in Grace and Cooperate with Grace!

Blessings My Friends!

Live Faithfully One Moment at a Time!

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