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He Rearranged my schedule and I rode the Divine Current - And there was healing and a Divine Appt!

I'm leaving tomorrow for Mission with Global Awakening to Brazil. In order to do so, I need a negative antigen test for Covid. My plan was to get my test tomorrow! But I saw clearly in a vision to go today and I saw the time I should go. I also saw the place I needed to go to!! So I followed the lead of the Holy Spirit and went today. As a result, I walked in at the perfect time to be seen - the lobby was empty! So! No line!! Hallelujah. Then, because there was no one in the clinic, the receptionist and I struck up a conversation. This led to her inquiring why I needed the test and THAT led to my asking if she had any pain in her body. She did and reported that the pain level was about a 6. After prayer right there at the counter, Jesus touched her and she was healed. THEN! I was led to a room, had the test and waited for the doctor.

My doctor comes in after the 15 minute wait time. She was a beautiful, tall African American woman. I shared a little bit about the fact that I was going on a ministry trip. I shared that I might be the only catholic going on the trip. SHE mentions that she too is catholic and goes to my church! Can you believe it?? We talk about miracles, escharcha and more. I noticed her accent and asked if she was french. She said she spoke Swahili. THIS led me to share about the woman who was healed last week who also spoke Swahili. Now this doctor was greatly excited and we BOTH had God-bumps!! She was hungry for more! We exchanged information and both agreed that this was a Divine Appointment! Praise God who cannot be outdone!!

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