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Healed from 707° steam!

We can be healed of anything! (ANYTHING means ANYTHING!)...

Ive never met the woman healed! But, she was healed as I prophesied over the listener of the recording! Time and Space are not an issue with Jesus is the same today, as yesterday, and tomorrow!

Listen to this testimony of a Cate who was healed of a severe burn if 707° Fahrenheit while she was canning fruit!

She was listen to a talk I gave at the Tapley Retreat right after her burn because she was waiting for her husband to take her to the E.R.

While she listened and I prayed, she claimed the healing that I spoke over the hearer. She said, "I claim it!" Instaneously she was healed of the burn! The skin tore off the flesh and NEW Skin was revealed! No pain, New Skin. and No Scars! THATS the faithfulness of Jesus the Divine Physician!

Whatever situation you're in, I pray for total and complete healing in the name of Jesus over you! Claim it! Believe and Receive the healing in the Name of Jesus! Declare and Decree the healing over your life an be expectant for the miracle!

Remember: Miracles can be Immediate, Progressive, or Creative (God making something from nothing!) Come into Agreement with the Promises of Jesus!

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