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Immediate answers! I prayed, He answered!

I just asked the Upper Room family for to lift me up in prayer, because in the next few minutes Im about to give a retreat to some folks that don't even know me and don't know where I come from. But they are showing up in faith and trust!

Then I asked, would you all lift me up to the heavens so that I would get rained on! INSTANTANEOUSLY as they put the period an! On that request the song came up on the queue in the praise music that said "open the floodgates of heaven and let it rain!" We are talking about immediate answers to prayer that come with clarity and revelation!

I invite you today to Usher prayer the seems too big, impossible, or EVEN too small. Either way we have a Father that loves us beyond measure and has extravagant love! So go ahead today gaze at the Father and expect that He will give you more than what you ask for!

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