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Living IN the Upper Room; Practical Applications - 26 May 2020

In the Upper Room we are Living a Lifestyle of Dependence on the Holy Spirit. And in doing so we by allowing the Holy Spirit to Refine our Responses from a Reaction to a Response. One example we were able to discuss was through our text threads when they reach our for prayer.

We also discussed the use of the way in which use the Chat Box as we experience DISCERNMENT MARKERS -This is the personal conversation that we have with the Holy Spirit. Look at the way in which we use our SPIRITUAL POWER TOOLS through vocabulary.

During our COVERING PRAYER or PRAYER OF PROTECTION we look at the bones or this powerful prayer! We actually drew out a VERTEBRAE that is our BACKBONE for prayer protection! This is explored as exercising our Spiritual Muscles as well. (This will be a Whiteboard Graphic) . We look at the Power of the PRECIOUS BLOOD, MANTLE OF OUR LADY, SPIRITUAL SOUND PROOFING, HEDGE OF PROTECTION from the HOLY ANGELS OF WAR! We also call in the Anointing of the Holy Spirit to guide us with His Gifts. This is SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY!

Vickie received a WOK- which is the Word of Knowledge for KS. (This is important because this was a PROMPTING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT - and out of Obedience - I followed the prompt.)-- Later in the recording you will find out that this WOK paid off or Kathy S. We looked at our SPT- through ACCOUNTABILITY of being Dependent on the Holy Spirit. We explored how we can COOPERATE and COLLABORATE with the Divine Will versus letting the Enemy in through worry, fear, anxiety and RUMINATION.

We also explore our thinking. We are hard wired to learn which can work for our benefit, but it can also be a detriment if any of our toxic memories create a LEARNED REACTION versus our RESPONSE. Our goal is to be RESPONSIVE at the present moment. Vickie draws out mental "models" to show how we can get a "corrupted file." The corrupted file is an analogy to the way in which we think, sort of like a computers corrupted file. In this way, we get stinkin thinkin! We align this teaching with scripture.

This is a set up for the Level 3 in which we are applying this teaching in our home life, social life, and spiritual life! Vickie gives a practical example from her home life.

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