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March 10, 2020: Practical Application of Seeing with Eyes of Faith

Seeing your life through the lens of the world is one thing, but seeing your life and all the circumstances around you through the eyes of heaven is a different view all together!! Colossians 3:2 says: Set your hearts on things above ....set your minds on things above, not on earthly things! This is our directive. But how do we get to that kind of vision? We get there by being DEPENDENT on the Holy Spirit! He will take us there. So we are directed by John 14:26 that the Holy Spirit will teach us everything. Not somethings...but everything! So it is the Holy Spirit who will lead us directly to the vision of life experiences through the lens of faith.

As we explore "faith" it is defined in Hebrews 11:1 that it is the things "hoped" for and the "evidence" of things NOT seen. So you can see that through worldly vision we wont SEE with faith, but guided by the Holy Spirit we are led by Him to have this Lens and Language of Love. Through this we bear fruit because we are doing it WITH Him, not alone but WITH the 3rd person of the Trinity.

The Holy Spirit taught me the following maxim: Those who see with eyes of faith, see what others do not; those who hear with ears of faith, hear what others do not; and those who understand with a heart of faith, understand what others do not!

In this recording you will hear multiple testimonies of those who've received healing, Divine Encounters and how a Divine Appointment can turn into a miracle all through the inter-workings of the Holy Spirit in our Lives. I will teach what to look for when the Holy Spirit is communicating with you such as: a word of knowledge; Divine Appointment; image; scripture; dreams; prophesy; song; healings; and Discernment Markers. All of these are just scratching the surface when talking about Divine Encounters. Towards the end of this recording you will see a man with shoulder pain move from a pain level of 5 to a "1/2". We prayed as a group, amplifying the light in the room and prayer power directed with the intention to call in the Divine Physician to come and touch this soul. You can also see that once he CLAIMED the healing over his shoulder, his pain level went down from a 3 to a 1! We were DEPENDENT on the direction of the Holy Spirit and followed the Spiritual Bread Crumbs then received the fruits!! Amen?!

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