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March 24, 2020: REcenter, REset, REmind Romans 12:2

We are in a "season".

I speak of "season" within the framework of heavenly order. We discover heavenly order in Colossians and Ecclesiastes among over passages of Scripture.

In Colossians 3:2 it is written: Keep your mind on that which is above, not on earthly things. In Ecclesiastes 3, it is written that there is a "season" for everything. This is the perspective of KNOWING that, in all things, we are to keep a HEAVENLY GAZE.

As we live and breathe, we have been given a direction from heaven in which to frame all of our life events, including our relationships with the Trinity, ourselves and others. Every conversation; Every conflict; Every perception; Every joy, Every frustration, Every sorrow; in all these experiences we are to have our gaze on Love and He who is Love. In the Upper Room this perspective is our life’s breath, our lifestyle. We have a beautiful example of this perspective in the testimony this week!

Testimony: A Miraculous Healing

The End of Seizures for Ed

Our prayer group has been praying for Ed for many weeks and months. He has been having seizures that began many months ago. 2 weeks ago, I was teaching about how Jesus cursed the fig tree for not bearing fruit. Once cursed, the fig tree withered and died.

As we work to listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit during prayer, we listen for a Word, Image, Dream, Divine Appointment, Prophesy, and the many ways He uses Discernment Markers through our body’s as well.

During this prayer group we were looking for guidance from the Holy Spirit on to pray for Ed. We’ve been contending for weeks to claim healing over He’s brain and the root issue of the seizures. As you view the recording ( Towards the last 15 minutes of the recording where we pray for souls and watch for the lead of the Holy Spirit you will see our prayer time for all souls present, either live or online or viewing the recording later, and their intentions.) you will see that we begin to get an image for someone’s brain. It turns out, its Eds brain!

I saw a brain. Inside the brain I saw very many Virgin Mary’s with her blue mantle. The number of Mary’s was a couple of hundred. But then I saw that this number was doubled and then doubled again! We’ve called this the Miracle of Multiplicity. This vision was representing the very many prayers, petitions and rosaries by his wife and so many others. She would write me and say, “We are contending, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Donna, his wife and prayer group member, began waving her hand! “It’s me! It’s me!!” In the midst this particular prayer we all prayed in agreement (Matthew 18:19) to curse the seizures because they did not bare good fruit (Mark 11:12-25)!

Donna then reports that Ed has not had a seizure since we had cursed the seizures and continued contending for his healing! He continues to be seizure free! Praise Jesus our Divine Physician.

Testimony: Healing of Rebecca’s Knee!

Rebecca had been suffering from knee pain for quite some time. During the time for prayer intercession, I began experiencing pain in my knee (This is a discernment marker as a Word of Knowledge through our body.) I claimed that as a word of knowledge for someone who needed healing in their knee and so I spoke that out to our prayer warriors!

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