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More Grace Than Air From Desert to Vindication - 18 June 2019

In this Upper Room Session we discussed how there is a High Level Understanding of the Desert and Low Level of the Desert experience. The "High" is a Dependence on the "EQUIPMENT" the Lord has given you for the Desert...That is to Grow and Mature in your spiritual development/ The Low Level is where we mistrust the experience, here the whispers of the Devil where he tempts the soul to fear the experience and begins to quantify and qualify the experience from the perspective of various lies of the enemy from self worth, self judgement, worry, and anxiety. Ps 23:5: You have prepared tables in front of the me opposite my enemies: you have anoint3d my head with oil and my cup overflows as if it were alive! Several examples are illustrated about trusting WHAT the Lord has prepared for us...Trust is key; Trust in the Hope that does not disappoint is critical (This is Weaponry!)

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