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Mountains, Mole Hills, and Speed Bumps: A Radical Perceptual Shift - 14 May 2019

Today we explored the Algorhithym of Cooperating with the Holy Spirit and the Way in which He works -- John 8:32 - The Truth Sets the Captives Free Prov 3:12 & Heb 12:6 He Chastises those He loves -- "Course Corrections" Prov 3: 5, 6 -- Rely not on your own intellect but Acknowledge Him in All His Ways, and I will make STRAIGHT your path Rom 12 :2 Do not be CONFORMED of this World, but be TRANSFORMED in the RENEWING of your Mind. PROV 23:7 As a man believeith in His Heart so shall he be. Rom 8:31 If God is for Us who can be against Us Spiritual Truths: God Perfects us through Perseverence (God the Father taught this to St. Catherine of Sienna - See the Dialogue SHOW LESS

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