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Moving in Power Through Testimony - 21 Jan 2020

In this teaching in the Upper Room we explore the Power of Testimony! In Revelation 12:11 it is written They triumphed over him by the BLOOD of the Lamb and by the WORD of their TESTIMONY ... As you can see that our words, our vocabulary, our mind set is a TESTIMONY that releases power to those who are listening. The TESTIMONY shares about WHERE you have been in your experiences with our Lord. Fruitfulness flows from intimacy. This very intimacy is what speaks! It speaks about our Divine Physician moving mountains, healing, converting, delivering, sanctifying, purifying, edifying, and imparting gifts of the Holy Spirit! Are you ready to hear the testimony of what God can do in your life? Listen in on how to move in POWER, through the truth of THE WORD. As we PROCLAIM the WORD over souls, something happens! That "something" is a supernatural power effecting change in our life internally and externally because of Hebrews 4: The WORD of God is LIVING and it is EFFECTIVE, coming between bone and marrow, soul and spirit!

In the Upper Room today we explored what it feels like to KNOW that the Holy Spirit is PRESENT to you! As you listen to the opening prayer, did you feel God-bumps (like goose bumps, but contagious!)? A deep breath (You and the Holy Spirit breathing as one? Yawns (not the tired ones, but the anointing ones); or perhaps even the Ruah of the Holy Spirit, as you will hear when I pray over souls.

When you hear this "ruah" of the Holy Spirit, we have witnessed souls being healed, prophesy being spoken, word-of-knowledge being given, impartation being released, and Presence being experienced in the most profound ways. These are FRUITS and these are TESTIMONY of HIS work within us!

As we are led by the Holy Spirit in this teaching He takes us to moving in power through scripture! While in battle, as you see in 2 Cor 10:3; we are taught that we cannot fight a supernatural war using natural tools; instead we must fight the supernatural battle with supernatural tools! Here in 2 Cor 10:3 we are taught that while we are in battle we must take every thought captive; and while doing so, we are to take every thought, and bring it under the obedience of Christ and what He proclaimed at the wood of the Cross! This victory at the cross has the ability to BRING down strongholds and claim victory!! THIS IS THE TESTIMONY of victory and being offered to you to claim in the mighty name of Jesus!!

So, listen in to TESTIMONY and what He HAS done, IS doing, and WILL be doing in our lives with our "Yes, and Amen!"


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