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My Grace is Sufficient for You - 2 Corinthians 12:9 - 25 Feb 2020

As we jump into this lesson of: MY GRACE is Sufficient for You (2 Cor 12:9) we discover that "Dependence" and a "Weakness" are some spiritual directives that we are called to follow! It is not as strange as it may seem when we begin to understand that St Paul speaks to us about our SPIRITUAL POSITION AND POSTURE to move in Power! Not our Power but Christs Power. This position is one of abandonment and a REALIZATION that we are to leave our INdependence and abandon ourselves to one of DEPENDENCE. It is THERE where we find a POSTURE of RECEPTIVITY to the movement of the Holy Spirit. It is THERE that we are able to hear with clarity the movement of the Holy Spirit as HE directs us; counsels us; and advocates for us!

In this teaching we look at: What is Grace? How do we Obtain Grace; what is the Mindset as we Cooperate with Grace? And, Why is Weakness so important? (This "weakness" is not physical weakness; it is a perspective of what truly has power in our lives and what does not!-- This is where we choose to NOT BE CONFORMED to this world; but be TRANSFORMED in the constant renewing of our mind (Romans 12:2) This "renewal" is done by God and not by Man which is why it is so important to "Cooperate with Grace so that Grace can Cooperate with You!" (Maxim given to Vickie by Heaven.)

This lesson progress to look at our Spiritual Power Tools in Language (Proverb 18:21) and Belief (Proverbs 23:7) for these are SPIRITUAL LAWS and our Lords invitation to follow His directives as He is the WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE.

Towards the end of this teaching you will see that we have prayer intercession at about the 1:15 minute mark. This is prayer for YOU too! We include all of those who are listening to the recording!! This is where you do your part and RECEIVE what the Divine Physician is doing in your life! Position yourself like a sponge as you receive and expect to actually receive something-- we have had many souls healed simply by listening. Work to pay attention to "discernment markers." Discernment markers are ways in which we become aware that the Holy Spirit is indeed speaking to us. It could be a deep breath; chills (which we call "God Bumps" with great reverence); yawning (we have come to know this as the Presence of Anointing. This is not the "tired" kind); areas of the body that may feel sensations-- coolness that wasn't there before; warmth that wasn't there before; electricity! These are just some of the ways that souls in the Upper Room have felt the expressions and communications of the Holy Spirit moving within them. And, If you DO experience a healing, please contact us and give us your testimony! ( or or

Praise Report: One of our prayer group members, Susan, received prayer after the recording. She had ear pain of 7 which went to a ZERO and she was able to hear much better! While receiving prayer, she said she felt lots of heat coming from my hands that went deep into her ears! Those around us felt my hands and there was no heat coming from them, yet, she could feel it moving within her ear canal! The HEAT was coming from the Holy Spirit! She felt drainage and clearing. She was also surprised by being able to hear better! She was not wearing hearing aids, but could hear me speaking even though my hands were over her ears!! She also received GREAT PEACE in her spirit. Her testimony will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel under Video Testimonies.

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