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October 27, 2020: Dividing Lines - Being Deliberate and Intentional in Conversation

In a surprising way, after our Opening Prayer, we hear that one of our prayer members, Susan complains of "Pain" (at a 3) after a fall. Watch how we begin to pray with PAIN as our Target! When we prayed or PAIN, nothing happened! This IS a Spiritual Breadcrumb! WE are STILL following the DIRECTION of the Holy Spirit! We are NOT to ASSUME that we are done in prayer UNLESS the Holy Spirit gives us a Word of Knowledge to cease! (This did happen to me one time when I prayed over a soul whose pain level was at a 10. I prayed over her and her pain dissipated to a 3. I was targeting a reduction in pain to a zero but once this soul was at a 3 it seemed the healing stopped. I but discovered there was MORE TO COME! The Holy Spirit said, "The rest is up to her. She has someone she needs to forgive." I repeated what I heard the Holy Spirit say to this soul and she responded, "I know who it is!" So she took to task her forgiveness prayer. The moment she forgave, she was PAINFREE!)

Here's the lesson: We follow the Spiritual Breadcrumbs of the Holy Spirit and do whatever HE tells us to do. We do not assume. We DISCERN! This is how our prayer time went with Susan. We prayed and the pain did not move. So we looked to the Holy Spirit and He showed us some LANGUAGING around her falling incident. As we targeted the prayer time around the fear based thinking, I started receiving the DISCERNMENT MARKER that we were on the RIGHT TRACK! We found out that she felt a bit foolish from the fall. She had a sense of humiliation to fall in front of everyone but in a really interesting way she made the following statement; "I liked the attention from my husband!" Ah Ha! There was an EMOTIONAL NEED that was being fulfilled by HOSTING THE PAIN. We found out that were she to be pain-free, she might loose the affections that she was receiving from her husband, and she LIKED THE AFFECTION. This is why the pain did not leave. It was bound. Bound by the desire to continually received affection that she would not typically be receiving! THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PIECE of our Discernment!! To be healed of pain would actually COST SUSAN something that she wasn't ready to give up!

We addressed three beliefs that matched with her verbage and discovered where the Holy Spirit was leading us. We address those in the teaching and prayer intercession. As we did so, her pain level decreased to a ZERO. This is a good teaching and prayer model to follow as we intercess for souls in their healing, conversion and deliverance! All the Glory goes to God our Divine Physician!

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