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Stay the Course Until... - 11 Feb 2020

Stay the Course. What does it mean to stay-the-course from a spiritual stand point? It means that we contend for either the healing, or direction, or in a position of hope until we HEAR differently from the Holy Spirit.

We are given a direction in THE WORD to pray and encourage one another, but we are also in a position, in our faith, to exercise the spiritual muscles of spreading the good news; and heal the sick, cleanse the lepers (which I believe points to spiritual leprosy as well) , cast out demons, and raise the dead (and this too, can refer to raise a faith that is "dead" INTO an on fire believer!

This can be a challenging position when we are praying for some one and don't see movement. Do we give up and say it must not be Gods will for healing? I say, that we don't move in the direction of GIVING UP; instead, we press in, yeild, and rely on the Holy Spirit. So we keep praying in the direction of healing prayers UNTIL we HEAR from the Holy Spirit to move in another direction. This word can come in the form of an image, a word, a dream, a divine appointment, a song and even a phrase that may jump out from the book you may be reading.

In this recording we were praying for a particular intention for a little boy to get off the ventilator. We prayed for many more intentions as well. When we prayed for the boy to get off the ventilator, I felt I heard in my spirit that he would be off within 24 hours. Shortly after our prayer, we received good news that he was off the ventilator and breathing on his own. This is an example of working with the heart of a believer knowing that the Holy Spirit will guide you! This is what I mean about a direction in prayer that we stick with until we hear differently from the 3rd person of the Trinity! This is your invitation to pray, yield, rely, and depend on the Holy Spirit to direct you prayers. Once you hear that direction...stay the course until you hear differently from the Holy Spirit who has come to teach us everything! (John 14:26)

What happens if you feel like you DON'T hear Him. Follow what the word has taught us to pray in faith. Open yourself to the movement of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes that looks like quiet. Sometimes that looks like praise. Sometimes it is kneeling before the crucifix and sometimes it is standing tall with your hands extended to heaven. TRUST THE PROCESS of staying the course. Heavens sees your every movement. In one message that the Lord gave me I heard: Every movement; Every gesture is counted by me. And, in its intensity in its depth and breadth. This maxim says it all really. Heaven sees you and heaven loves you and will do what it takes to move you along the Divine Current.

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