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Stoke the fire of the Holy Spirit within you!

Have YOU wanted more of the Holy Spirit? YOU ARE EQUIPPED to actively Stoke, Breathe, Cooperate and Collaborate with the Holy Spirit and see the Sparks come INTO Flame! It comes with a language! It comes with a belief! It comes with Agreement! You DONT even have to GO OUT and get it!! It's already within you!

Luke 17:21 says, "Nor will people say, Here it is or THERE it is, because the Kingdom of God is IN (IN means IN) your Midst!"

So today, I invite you...Stoke! Breath! And Cooperate with where HE takes you experiencing Transformation, Joy, Healing, Freedom, let's Claim it together... Living Faithfully ONE moment at a Time.

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You can also visit me IN the Upper Room to hear teachings on how to Operate from the Lens and Language of Love by Living on the BREATH of the Holy Spirit.

In these teachings I EVEN pray over the Listener (That'sYOU) for healing! A woman wrote to me and said she was healed of burns while listening as I prophesied over the listener to receive healing! (And she was listening to the recording!!) Wow! Jesus healed her! Remember I'm not the healer! He is! And He is with you this moment!

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