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The Mindset Reset For the Miraculous! 12 Nov 2019

In the Mindset Reset, we take a look at how our Perceptions/ Intentions/ Belief System and Vocabulary move in our life experiences through the lens of love or fear. These 2 motivations impact our lives in a powerful way. Through our free-will we have a choice to exercise our spiritual muscles of love or fear in moment by moment. That which we exercise grows stronger. In Hosea 4:6 it is written that "My People perish at their lack of knowledge of my doctrines." It then behooves us to gain more knowledge of the Word so that as believers in His Providence, Promise, and Protection we can OPT IN to Cooperating and Collaborating with the Holy Spirit Who has come to teach us EVERYTHING (Jn 14:26). In doing so, we Position ourselves in the Posture of recognizing and praying for the miraculous to HEAL, CONVERT AND DELIVER us as spoken of in The Word!

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