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What Influences You? 30 June 2020


In this teaching of “What Influences You?” we are led by the Holy Spirit to explore where and how we spend our time. It is here that we can find out the “what and who” in our topic today: What influences You?

Our thinking, Our treasure, and the ways in which we spend Our Time will be the teller of what is truly INFLUENCING us. It is an important topic to cover in our spiritual journey because it has a direct impact on our healing, conversion, and deliverance as the Holy Spirit: Sanctifies, Purifies, Edifies and Unifies us to the King of Kings – Jesus! What influences us affects our thinking, our belief, and the ways in which we language (our vocabulary) our life. It is a lifestyle choice. That choice is a gift and that gift is called free-will.

Throughout our day, we have about 16 hours that we spend doing something. But, what is that something? That something will reflect what influences us! Once identified, the influence will give us a good indicator of how much we are in the world and how much we spend our activities are minding the activities of heaven! (Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2). This is an invitation to you in this very moment to operate from more compassion, kindness, forgiveness, lack of judgement, self-control, joy, patience, being slow to anger, quick to hear! This list is obviously not extensive but it is a good place to start. And the strength we get to be there? …THAT comes from the Holy Spirit who has been poured out upon us! (Roman 5:5 And the hope does not disappoint, because the Spirit of God has been poured out upon your hearts. ((KJV))

Our goal is to spend our time occupied in following the Holy of Holies – the Way, The Truth and the Life. This becomes our lifestyle. THIS influence will be a witness of operating from the Lens and Language of Love.

Think about this: The enemy spends a good deal of his energies on distraction! How much are you distracted? If his purpose is to Kill, Steal, and Destroy (John 10:10 The thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy.) What does he want to destroy? Our relationship with the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

He is working to distract us from the things from above! If this is true, then doesn’t it make sense that he would want to keep you earthbound? Meaning he wants to keep our minds and activities on worldly things, then he can keep our minds off heavenly things! So, he distracts us. Some of those fingerprints of the enemy is through busyness, worries, fears, anxieties and negativity! I once heard an acronym for the word BUSY: Being Under Satan’s Yoke! It’s a pretty good acronym to get us re-centered on what’s really important in our lives. So, this begets the question, how BUSY are you?

One time, the Holy Spirit put on my heart, a way in which to gain clarity on fingerprinting influence and the exercise of free will. He divided up the table in three parts. The first part was that of the Divine Will. The second was that of the Human Will. And the third was that of Enemy Territory. I have used this table as a teaching model to understand how we exercise our free will and how we use our free will to either come into agreement with the Divine Will or how we can wander into the enemy’s territory. Within each category, there are characteristics that distinguish which category we are in. Below you will see a chart that helps to understand the fingerprints of each.

There is a HALLMARK fingerprint of the Divine and the Enemy – it is very clear and very noticeable when are acting from one or the other. When we are cooperating and collaborating with heaven, we are typically operating from the Lens and Language of Love versus the Enemy’s influence of operating from the Lens and Language of Fear. I’ve oversimplified it for our purposes because it can become a bit more intricate with deeper study. But for our purposes it really does boil down to Love vs Fear; Light vs Dark; Wisdom vs Confusion.



Within today's teaching you will hear a brief testimony from a woman named Kathy. She and I have been friends and working together, spiritually, for her healing, conversion and deliverance. After a history of childhood abuse, she has worked very hard to understand how she can cooperate with healing.

Throughout this teaching we are asked to consider: What is Influencing You? Are you cooperating in collaborating with the Holy Spirit? If not, with whom are you cooperating?

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Watch and Listen to the the Language around our prayer time and Apply it is Your Life!

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