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Where is Ground Zero? A Dependent Lifestyle of Living on the Breath of the Holy Spirit - 07 Apr 2020

How does it feel to grow up learning "independence" only to find out that in the spiritual walk, you must "die to self" (1 Cor 15:31) and become DEPENDENT! But this is a DEPENDENCE that lines up with the teachings in the word where the ADVOCATE will come (Jn 14:26) and teach us EVERYTHING! This is a power move on our part, to demand of our free will to CHOOSE the wisdom from the Holy Spirit as our guide! ( 2 Tim 1:7) It is written, "I did not give you a spirit of fear, but of POWER , love and a sound mind." This is what is meant in our DEPENDENT lifestyle of Living on the Breath of the Holy Spirit. We have intellect and He has wisdom. We have the little picture and He has the big picture. We have free will and He has the Divine Will.

Follow this teaching and learn to claim victory in following the Divine Will of Christ through Him who leads us in to that intimate relationship with He who gave us Victory over sin!

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