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You Are A Masterpiece - 14 Jan 2020

The year of 2020, is the year of Clear Vision! Get it? 20:20 is perfect vision. This hour and 1/2 teaching focuses on the truth that YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE.

One wise soul in the prayer group, pointed out that not only are WE a masterpiece, but WE are a PIECE of the Master! " I made you in My likeness and Image." (Gen 1:27) During the teaching we had 13 scriptures that we are indeed BEAUTIFULLY and WONDERFULLY made (See Email). In the last 15 minutes of this recording, I prayed in agreement with all those present for healing upon: All present, those listening, and those listening to the recording for healing. During the prayer, you will see and hear me having, what sounds like a "sneeze." This is the Ruah of the Holy Spirit who is doing the healing. HE is the Divine Physician. I have found, after 15 years of praying for healing for others and 100's of healings that the fruit of this unusual sound is Him. I, cannot contain, the power of His breath working and because of this, you hear the breath escaping my frame. It has also become a "discernment marker" ( or notice, if you will) that HE is working in our midst. (Psalm 74:12)

During our prayer, souls were reporting healing! I felt pain in my rt eye, and so I asked "Whose right eye is in pain?" A woman in the prayer group said, "It's me!" Then, within moments, as we prayed, she was healed.

Another soul reported that after prayer last time, her mother was healed in both knees. THESE ARE TESTIMONIES and the RELEASE testimony is the release of power! You can find this in Revelations! While praying for souls, I heard a male voice asking for prayer of the liver. The entire prayer group directed their "intentional" prayer toward his liver. ( Keep in mind that this soul was ON-LINE, not in our midst, but God WAS in his midst. So you don't have to be present to me in the room. The Divine Physician is present to where ever you are at and we can pray, as intercessors for you! ) I asked, the soul if he felt any indication that his liver was being worked on. He said, "I feel heat." -- We then claimed that "The Lord sends His word forth, and it will not return void until accomplishing the task for which He sent it." (Is 55:11).

I also shared that in my travels I prayed over a chiropractor who had a swollen thumb and had a pain level of 6. After prayer, he went from a 6 to a 0 and then right in front of our eyes, his swelling went down to a normal size. This testimony is being release to YOU! Receive!! And look for YOUR discernment markers such as "God-Bumps" (similar to goose bumps); a deep, deep breath; yawns ( not the tired kind, the INFILLING kind!) and more. Be open to receiving His personal love language with you.

Part of the Upper Room Mission is to live the lifestyle of depending on the Breath of the Holy Spirit!

I shared during the teaching that our normal everyday life can be just this miraculous! During the recording you will see a testimony of a young lady who was healed of hip pain after about 10 second of prayer! I met her in the grocery store! And I have to say that many of the healings are occurring in just these kinds of environments! Whether at Costco, Walmart, the grocery store, at the gym, at home - every place is Gods place and since this is true, He, as the Divine Physician is available to you! You...His Masterpiece.

With Much Joy and Peace, Vickie

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