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"Rely solely on My Providence, Promise, and Protection so that I can Heal you, Convert you, and Deliver you; that you may be Sanctified, Purified, Edified, and Unified, to Me."
(Maxim given to Vickie by Jesus)

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Join the Upper Room Prayer Meetings

We meet twice a month on Tuesdays from  10:00-11:15 a.m. (Mountain time) on Zoom.

2024 Zoom Schedule 

  • January 9

  • January 23

  • February 6

  • February 20

  • March 5

  • March 19

  • April 9 

  • April 23

  • May 7

  • May 21

Please note: Zoom meetings are recorded and uploaded on YouTube. You are more than welcome to use the chat function, show your face, and ask questions! 

Update: March 5 will only be on Zoom.



     While in the Upper Room we work to abandon ourselves to they way in which He forms us to grow in holiness. One of the ways in which He does this is through Operating from the Gifts of the Holy Spirit; Cooperating with His Will, His Way, Everyday and in Every Season to be the Witness of the Fruits of our "Yes" and "Amen" As we Rely on His Providence, Promise and Protection so that He can Heal us, Convert us, and Deliver us as He Sanctifies, Purifies, Edifies and Unifies us to Him. These are lessons and sessions on how to Cooperate and Collaborate with the Holy Spirit and the fruits of listening to His direction (John 14:26). As a result we are seeing Transformed Lives & Healing physically, emotionally and spiritually; including unity in the family and generational healing! He is the Divine Physician yesterday, today and tomorrow!


Operating from the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Vickie L.S. Smith M.Ed, BDV

BDV: Third Order Benedictine of the Divine Will

       "I pray and teach and teach and pray and teach others to do the same as the Holy Spirit leads me. In doing so, signs and  wonders follow these encounters giving testimony to the work of the Presence of the Divine Physician! And where there is fruit... there are seeds... and where there are seeds... there is fruit! This is the Miracle of Multiplicity which has an endless supply of His unfathomable love and healing!"

       After a miraculous healing in Medjugorje through the intercession of Padre Pio and receiving a powerful anointing for healing and Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Vickie Smith continues to touch the hearts of souls who are hungry for more of Jesus and a desire to hear His voice and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Not only are they fed through the teachings and testimonies within these talks, but many have received healing and freedom from spiritual oppression, while others are profoundly touched by the Holy Spirit by receiving anointing in His Gifts!

The Upper Room is a Prayer and Healing Ministry

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The Upper Room Teachings are focused on a yielded posture to the Holy Spirit. He is the director, He is the Counselor whom we follow. He has the big picture and the wisdom to show us the way. And, by doing so, we see breakthrough and changed lives!


During the Teaching Sessions and the After Session Prayer Sessions healing occurs in real time, but also in those who listen to the recordings!  Praise be to God!

Listen in on those who've been touched by Jesus!  Where ever I go, whether it is shopping at Costco, running errands, picking kids up from school or during a conference, retreat or mission, I'm looking for the prompting of the Holy Spirit to offer prayer for a soul. With that stirring in my spirit I follow the lead His lead. A conversation starts, and then the open door arrives! I work to be obedient to how He want to move and then prayer fills the atmosphere and healing in some beautiful way occurs. Listen to the voices of those who've been touched.

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Do you have 2 minutes or so to change your life and your perspective? These are 2 to 5 minute teachings on how to live the Ordinary Experience through the Extraordinary Lens and Language of the Holy Spirit!

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