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            "I pray and teach and teach and pray to equip and empower the body of Christ to move in power and authority through the Holy Name of Jesus for healing and breakthrough."

About Vickie L.S. Smith M.Ed, BDV

BDV: Third Order Benedictine of the Divine Will


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            Vickie and her husband Steve live with their five children (four on earth and one in heaven), in Colorado Springs, CO. Vickie is a Third Order Benedictine of the Divine Will (BDV) and has a Masters in Educational Psychology. She is an inspirational Catholic speaker and teacher. She hosts a prayer ministry called the Upper Room where she teaches how to pray for healing by listening and yielding to the Presence of the Holy Spirit and trusting in the Divine Physician. Her ministry began however, with her own healing journey. Crying out to Jesus, she was desperate for freedom from trauma wounds, chronic depression and debilitating migraines. Jesus would answer her by sending His Mother.

            “I heard a woman’s voice telling me to ‘Go to the Catholic Church.’ So I went; sat down and looked around waiting for something to happen. I had no idea that Jesus was with me in the tabernacle. But I sensed something was special about this place. This Woman’s voice I found out, was the Blessed Virgin and Who was leading me to - Her Son!” Indeed, Vickie followed this same Woman’s voice when she was told that one day, she would go to a place called Medjugorje. After another ushered prayer, the timing of her pilgrimage would coincide with a visitation from Saint Padre Pio. She had read that Padre Pio had stated that he would not rest until he escorted all of his spiritual children into heaven. “I wanted that!” she said. “So I looked to the heavens and prayed, “Padre Pio, would you be my spiritual father?” Immediately my room filled with a sweet fragrance. I knew this was my ‘Yes’ from this Saint.” Her life was about to change forever.

            In 2002, she did go to Medjugorje. Not only was Vickie looking for healing from debilitating migraines, but she was also looking for a sign; a clear sign, that she was to become a Roman Catholic. Her “sign,” came through the intercession of Padre Pio outside of St. James Church.  “A woman prayed over me invoking the intercession of Padre Pio. She made the sign of the cross on the back of my left hand three times praying, ‘Padre Pio, Padre Pio, Padre Pio.’ Instantly I felt tremendous heat inside my ears, and I was healed from the migraines!” She entered into the Catholic Church in 2002.           

             Her deep desire has been to love on souls and serve Jesus. Doors began opening wide for Vickie for her to share her testimony of what Jesus had done for her. “What Jesus and Mary have done for me, they can do for you!” she says. And through the gifts of the Holy Spirit Vickie began praying over souls to be healed. The testimonies of healings began to multiply. During the prayer sessions, attendees would follow-up with testimonies of healings, miracles, breakthroughs, conversions, and freedom from everything from migraines, paralysis, leg-lengthening, pain relief, Parkinson’s, depression, generational healing, and more.

           “The Voice of my ministry are the Fruits!” Not only do souls receive the touch of the Divine Physician but they also leave equipped in how to cooperate and collaborate with the Holy Spirit. Throughout Vickie's healing journey, she has received interior messages from Heaven for over twenty-five years and has compiled them into her upcoming book, For Such a Time as This. They are all for the readers’ discernment.

            These messages speak to the heart of the hungry soul through maxims, course corrections, consolations, and prophesy. “For years I’ve been asked me to put these teachings into a book because it has helped people stay on the narrow path. They’ve received healing and made lifestyle changes by learning how to come into agreement with Heaven’s Language and Wisdom.”

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