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Testimonies Catalog

     All Praise and Glory to the Living God who continues to heal today! Please note, we only publicize testimonies with your consent, posting only your first name for anonymity. If you would prefer using your initials instead, please let us know when sharing your testimony. 

"My pain level comes and goes, since with scoliosis I cannot sit comfortably and stand most of the day. It is a challenge. Ribs, shoulders, hips, spine they are involved. But since I have been watching your healing zoom encounters, I have been able to return to mass after three years, I have to take a pad to stand on, and a lot of my hair is falling out, but I am back at mass, Hallelujah. today, Good Friday, is the first Good Friday I have been able to do in over 6 years Hallelujah. BTW, the picture of Jesus is staying right where I can see him. I love him so. I feel so much closer to Jesus and I have a lot more HOPE! I think this will be a gradual thing, or who knows, maybe someday, he might just decide to heal the whole Shabam!" - Sandy

"I was a bit hesitant sharing about the healing session because I have no proof of healing yet. I listened to your session on Good Friday at the holy hour of 3. I had just gotten back from confession, Stations of the Cross, and finished the Divine Mercy chaplet. My beautiful priest told me during confession, that on Good Friday more graces are poured out than on any other day. You spoke of a great number of things that I could claim a healing for. At present I truly believe the two I mentioned above on this form were for me. I have had a planters plate tear in my foot (ligaments) in my right foot for almost two years now. You described it exactly right. My toes are split in a v shape right in the middle. The second toe leans into the first toe due to an impact injury. I could not afford surgery and recently re-injured it when a full bottle of salad dressing fell on it from the top frigerater shelf. It has been giving me pain on and off again.  It never healed fully from the first time I injured it. I always wear slippers at home. I also have had trouble sleeping because I could not breath well due to a deviated septum. Again, having a low income prevents surgery.  I am a Catholic Kindergarten teacher. My husband has no retirement or benefits after 46 years of being a store manager and I have barely anything so we live pay check to pay check. I believe God is working on an answer. I also claimed healing for our marriage (I even told my husband before you mentioned it, that there is too much antagonizing), I claimed healing for lack of joy and victim mind set. There has been a litany of abuse and tragedies our whole life. We know to forgive and have done so. I claimed healing for depression, and suicidal thoughts starting from the age of 7 on. This has been less of an issue at this point in my life, but I do have to confess going into despair and not having hope at times. Lastly, I was praying because we wanted somehow to go into ministry work. Joy and Patrick Campbell gave us a word on this in Malvern. It doesn't seem possible due to our work load and inability to retire, but all things are possible with God. Your session astounded me that it touched so many areas of our lives. You would of thought it was tailor made for us.  I claimed healing for a brain injured sister who is homebound in a nursing home and very lonely. I am not sure how all this will play out but I will share any major breakthroughs. For now, I will just believe. I had asked God for a word after mass and he gave me the word "butterfly" which I associated with the idea of transformation. I doubted myself at first but after your talk I opened up a card that came in the mail and there was an adorable rabbit with a big pink butterfly as confirmation.  Happy Easter and Thank you" 

- S

"I also had emotional healing, a repressed memory came up and I was able to forgive. I have mental clarity now. I felt healing all over my body, I think I had several undiagnosed conditions that have been healed and I received anointing in my hands at the end. I am very happy about this because I will start as an extraordinary eucharistic minister this Easter Sunday and feel much better about doing this now, no fear about things that have happened in the past plaguing me any longer. Thank you Vickie! PRAISE THE LORD, ALL GLORY TO CHRIST THE KING!!! A Happy Easter to you and your team. God bless, A." - A

     "I attended a zoom meeting in the Upper Room where i was quite surprised that the Holy Spirit revealed something very pain from my past to Vickie. Vickie was able to disclose the event as to hold open a door if you will to allow Jesus to heal me.  Vickie helped me say some prayers to forgive the person who hurt me. As i cried i felt the tears washing it all away. I grabbed a tissue and felt no hand pain. Recently my hands have been so painful that i had to stop doing many things. After i admitted this event happened to me ( i was truly humiliated) and with my humble heart i forgave. This cleared the path for my healing! i recieved healing in my hands.  Thank you Jesus may you be praised now and forever Amen" - Debbie

     "I watched the recording with Queen of peace media healing hour for January, i prayed for healing of ulcers that were disturbing me, and I haven't felt them since them. Thank you" - Claire

"I started to get a terrible headache from my SSRI and had to go off of it post-period for the first time in a year, a great improvement
What else would you like to s: Thank you Vickie, Im watching all your videos whenever I have a spare minute. Doors are closing on childhood and other trauma. I was having massive yawns at first and had to rewatch because my brain fog was so bad I couldnt retain much, but each time I felt an improvement. My medication became too strong. After watching last weeks session I also noticed a spirit of addiction left me (Thank you LORD!) Its something Ive struggled with on and off for years, my father is an alcoholic. I knew I had one when it was mentioned some time before and my body jerked in reaction! But when you prayed about it, there was a noticeable feeling in my right leg that kind of bubbled up and left. Praise the LORD, ALLELUJA. This is the best Ive felt in a long time! Looking forward to the next session, thank you for your Fiat. Im going to monitor my OCD symptoms and adjust medication as needed but Im hoping to stomp that out with more prayer if God wills! You are an amazing teacher and remind me of the best teachers I had in elementary school when I was a child. God bless, A" - A

    "Vickie, A couple of months ago you prayed for someone with Jaw issues. I did not feel anything at the time but I claimed that healing. It took me a month or two to notice that the popping noise I was experiencing, whenever I opened my mouth 1/2 way stopped. Praise God! At the last prayer/teaching meeting, You gave a Prophetic Word for Me. As you were saying the words, I felt something going on at both joints of my Jaw. It was like pressure there. Yesterday, We were doing Street evangelizing, when  praying for healing for a young man, his pain went from a 5 to a 2, and then, from the 2 to a 0! Praise God! Thank you for your ministry!  - Tom 

    "Thank you so much Vickie. My small toe and knees are healed. Also the painful love you spoke about is ongoing and I feel I got a healing in relation to that too. God bless you wonderful apostle of God. I am an Irish woman based in Wales, UK  ✝️✝️✝️🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️" - Dr Cat

"I went on Vickie’s and Christine’s live on the second month since they started the live streams on YouTube, Vickie started praying for healing, on this day I was on my 3rd day with a migraine my pain on this day was about an 8. I was asking for healing for my son when Vickie mentioned healing of migraines! I was so focused on praying for healing of my youngest son that I didn’t even think to claim healing for myself. All of a sudden I started feeling warmth all around my head and tears running down my face when it hit me I was being healed from my migraines! My pain quickly went away and haven’t had one since then! Praise Jesus! (It’s been a month) normally I’d get migraines weekly lasting two to three days! So thankful for Vickie and her sharing her gifts!" - Laura

    "Hello and Fiat! I wanted to testify to a healing received on January 9th after the Upper Room broadcast. I was healed from 'plaguing thoughts'! May God Be Praised! I have learned so much from these broadcasts and teachings. I also beginning to be able to recognize the precense of the Holy Spirit/discenment markers! Hallelujah! Thank you for all of you (and others) work here! FIAT!" - Jennifer

    "Dear Vickie, I attended W.T's pilgrimage when you were there. At the end of the day at W. T.'s house, you prayed over many people. You also prayed over me. I was very appreciative and had many tests I was going to have shortly there after. As a matter of fact, I had five tests I was concerned about. As it turns out, I received my last report yesterday and I can say all of them turned out to be very positive. I appreciate your prayers and thank you for anything, or every thing, you had to do with my good results. I send you many thanks and I'm grateful for all the gifts you've received from God." - Jeanne

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