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Resources & Prayers

Find links to videos and websites to learn more about faith, healing, and prayer power.


We pray this prayer at the beginning of every Upper Room session. 

You can find it here and pray it before any conversation of prayer session. 

The spiritual power tools are a collection of powerful prayers for protection and grace. These tools help bring us into agreement with the Holy Spirit so that we can more readily hear His voice and follow His will.


Want to learn more about our mission, essence, and invitation? Our welcome letter can answer some of your questions. 


The Holy Rosary

A playlist of the Archbishop of St. Louis praying the mysteries of the Holy Rosary

Fr. Chad Rippinger

A playlist of lectures about spiritual warfare

Mark Miravalle

A lecture on Mariology

Mark Mallett

A personal story of failure and mercy

Fr. Corapi: 

  • Videos regarding the Gospel and the Church's identity

  • Immortal Combat: On spiritual warfare (an 8-part series) 

  1. Part 1​: The reality of spiritual combat

  2. Part 2: Healing and Deliverance

  3. Part 3: Humility - spiritual nuclear weapon

  4. Part 4: Sacramentals

  5. Part 5 The Sacraments

  6. Part 6: Our allies - angels, saints, and souls in purgatory

  7. Part 7: Power of the Cross

  8. Part 8: Q&A

Bishop Fulton Sheen

A lecture on youth and sex

Mary Appeared to a Harvard Professor

Fr. Mike Schmitz: 

A powerful homily on what it really means to have influence in the world

The Miracle of Medjugorje

The Triumph of My Heart: Medjugorje

Medjugorje: Scientific tests

Christine Watkins - a series of lectures on Medjugorje

Sr. Emmanual - videos on Medjugorje and her testimony 

The Appearance of Our Lady of Kibeho



Fr. Chad Rippinger:

An expert in spiritual warfare, Fr. Rippinger runs a ministry that provides resources and prayers for those who want freedom from negative spiritual influences. He also has resources for learning more about the faith.


Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

Meyer's book talks about how to overcome negative thoughts and patterns in order to find peace. Thousands of people have found her work helpful in learning to think the way God does, replacing patterns of anxiety and condemnation. 

Padre Pio and I: Memoirs of a Spiritual Son by Adolpho Affatato

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