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Teaching Sessions from the Upper Room

Living the dependent lifestyle of Living on the Breath of the Holy Spirit, and teaching others to do the same by Our Witness

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What do Teaching Sessions from the Upper Room look like?

                                                                     OUR MISSION  

    Our whole mission is to live on the Breath of the Holy Spirit and to follow His lead in all that we do! This life of being dependent on the Holy Spirit is an exquisitely beautiful one. All that we do, no matter what season we are in, our lives can be directly impacted through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Our position and posture is to listen to our Counselor. It is a prayerful dialogue with the Holy Spirit who guides us as the Counselor, Paraclete, and Advocate. It is through this intentional way of life that we claim victory after victory, moving from glory to glory in every situation! (2 Corinthians 3:18) It is not that we do everything perfectly, we just know that the gaze of Our Lord is upon us. Nothing is too big, too difficult or even too small to escape His Extravagant Love for His children.  We follow this lead of Love to do what love requires in response to all of our life experiences.

     This lifestyle is the premise and basis for all of the teachings, lead by the Holy Spirit.


                                                         OUR UPPER ROOM SESSIONS

     The teachings  in the Upper Room are run by the Holy Spirit;  we follow His lead.  As we begin our sessions you will see that we start with a Prayer of Protection (see Resources for what the Prayer looks like.) After the prayer, we begin to explore the teaching topic. These weekly sessions in the Upper Room are recorded and published here on the website and on the YouTube channel: copy and paste -

     Each prayer group member gives their consent to share these recordings. But do keep in mind that we share all kinds of life stories from traumas, to victories, to challenges, to questions on how to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives. As you go to the YouTube channel watch where the Holy Spirit leads you. A good way to do this is to look at the titles of our topics and see if you get a discernment marker to explore the teaching. (A discernment marker is a way in which the which the Holy Spirit dialogues with us. This can look like a deep breath, a stirring in your spirit. It is His personal way of speaking to your spirit. He knows what makes sense to you - just open your heart and mind to Him and notice His tender promptings.)


                                             Operating from the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

     While in the Upper Room we work to abandon ourselves to they way in which He forms us to grow in holiness. One of the ways in which He does this is through Operating from the Gifts of the Holy Spirit; Cooperating with His Will, His Way, Everyday and in Every Season to be the Witness of the Fruits of our "Yes" and "Amen" As we Rely on His Providence, Promise and Protection so that He can Heal us, Convert us, and Deliver us as He Sanctifies, Purifies, Edifies and Unifies us to Him. These are lessons and sessions on how to Cooperate and Collaborate with the Holy Spirit and the fruits of listening to His direction (John 14:26). As a result we are seeing Transformed Lives & Healing physically, emotionally and spiritually; including unity in the family and generational healing! He is the Divine Physician yesterday, today and tomorrow!

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