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Testimonies of Healing

Physical healing, emotional healing, and healing of memories

Seana's slipped disk was causing her severe pain, and she was experiencing emotional pain as well. Through prayer she received both physical and emotional healing.

Lenore received prayer and experienced healing of her elbow. Her pain and range of motion were both improved.

Frank received healing of his hip through prayer. His pain went from an 8 gradually down to a 0.

A waitress. A patron. A shop owner! ALL received healing.Tune in to the Voice of the Good Shepherd!

A waitress. A patron. A shop owner! ALL received healing.Tune in to the Voice of the Good Shepherd!

While in Toas, New Mexico Jesus went after the hearts of these 3 people who wanted and needed healing. And Jesus CAN and WILL use you as you listen for His promptings to be His Hands and Feet! Many are called! These promptings can be a quickening of your heart to move in one direction or another. It could even be a pain that YOU experience, which is in the EXACT location of someone who needs healing. Another way could be a "SENSE" of "I need to go here or there for some reason" and then you find out through a casual conversation or the Holy Spirit touches their memory to talk about a topic both of you have in common like it did for me when the shop owner mentioned "Fredericksburg Texas." When she said that, I received a quicken in my heart and anointing all over my arms! it's sort of like the Holy Spirit saying, "Yes! your on point!" .... and the shop owner also said she too, got "chills." These are Discernment Marker that the Holy Spirit uses like Spiritual Breadcrumbs to keep you on the right track. God is so faithful, we just need to quiet our mind and gaze to Him as He leads us. Want to learn more in how to hear the promptings of the Holy Spirit? Listen to the Teachings of in the Upper Room? Not only do we have a Divinely Orchestrated Teaching led by the Holy Spirit, but we have Prayer Intercession for your needs! In our sessions we have seen Jesus heal people all kinds of maladies and infirmities. I have three YouTube channels that may feed your soul and are full of Spirit led food-for-thought that increase your measure of faith! 1. UPPER ROOM SESSIONS: 1hour teachings 2. DAILY DOSE OF SPIRITUAL OXYGEN: 2 to 5 minute teaching of living the ordinary life extraordinarilyin Love. 3. HEALING TEATIMONIES: Testimonies of those who've been healed. UPPER ROOM- DAILY DOSE: HEALING TESTIMONIES: Let the Holy Spirit lead you to a title that will feed your spirit as we Cooperate and Collaborate with the Holy Spirit. Facebook: Want More Info? Visit my website: Interested in having me as a speaker at your next event? Email me:



Dear Vickie, I attended W.T's pilgrimage when you were there. At the end of the day at W. T.'s house, you prayed over many people. You also prayed over me. I was very appreciative and had many tests I was going to have shortly there after. As a matter of fact, I had five tests I was concerned about. As it turns out, I received my last report yesterday and I can say all of them turned out to be very positive. I appreciate your prayers and thank you for anything, or every thing, you had to do with my good results. I send you many thanks and I'm grateful for all the gifts you've received from God.


Jeanne's Testimony

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Healing, miracles and conversions happen every day through a variety of ministries and prayers. Testimonies and documentation are both edifying and important so we can acknowledge God’s work with and for His people. If you have experienced healing in the The Upper Room Ministries please let us know. Thank you.

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