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Physical healing, emotional healing, and healing of memories

This link will take you to a full playlist of healing testimonies.

Seana's slipped disk was causing her severe pain, and she was experiencing emotional pain as well. Through prayer she received both physical and emotional healing.

Lenore received prayer and experienced healing of her elbow. Her pain and range of motion were both improved.

Frank received healing of his hip through prayer. His pain went from an 8 gradually down to a 0.

This miraculous video was taken years ago when my daughter and her friend were playing together. The lights you see moving across the screen are angels.

Jeanne's Testimony


 "Dear Vickie,


I attended W.T's pilgrimage when you were there. At the end of the day at W. T.'s house, you prayed over many people. You also prayed over me. I was very appreciative and had many tests I was going to have shortly there after. As a matter of fact, I had five tests I was concerned about. As it turns out, I received my last report yesterday and I can say all of them turned out to be very positive. I appreciate your prayers and thank you for anything, or every thing, you had to do with my good results. I send you many thanks and I'm grateful for all the gifts you've received from God.


Blessings to you always....Jeanne" ~ August 2020

C's Testimony

This topic came at such an appropriate time for me. I have been in a conflict for several weeks and keep praying to 'love the one'. I'm trying to be the rose but my family only sees a thorn. It is threatening my marriage but I cannot go backwards on my relationship with God. I am offering all this up and finding comfort in Matt 5:11, Ph 4:13 and Romans 5:3. Thank you for the hug around my heart I received today. Thank you for your prayers and the power you release by your testimonies.  God bless and keep you and yours🙏😘

A UR Participant's Testimony

Yes, it was convicting as I find myself in an interior battle with God's Providential Plan in this season Ed and I are praying through. I find myself fighting the darkness striving to live in the Hope of His Light. The WOK you shared with me about being like a docile lamb seeking only the face of Jesus has been a tremendous visual for me when this dark cloud tries to enclsr on me...i hear " keep your eyes fixed on Me" and it brings me back to Him.

Leeann's Experience

So good😍
Gaudete Sunday means so much more to me now!!! What a gift!!
I was sharing with Father Will today and he was just floored
I truly have never experienced the power of the Holy Spirit like that 

Karen's Experience

Right now I'm trying to apply the prayer you're teaching us with mnemonics. In the short term, I recorded you praying the prayer and I let your words pray over me in the morning.  I've attended 3 meetings so far so in some respects I feel like I'm playing catch up.  I like your teaching style, command of Scripture, and how you apply the gifts of the Holy Spirit in daily life.  I'm looking forward to growing in the gifts and reaching out to others with those gifts to bring healing, deliverance,  and encouragement.

A UR Participant

I'm blessed beyond measure to know you and grateful that God connected us. 😘🤗

A UR Participant

We are so very grateful that the Divine Choreographer has gifted us with you!! 

We continue to pray for God's Perfect Will for you, His beautiful, gifted servant as you live on His Breath. We pray His Mercy for you in each NOW Moment. 

Share Your Testimony

Healing, miracles and conversions happen every day through a variety of ministries and prayers. Testimonies and documentation are both edifying and important so we can acknowledge God’s work with and for His people.
If you have experienced healing in the The Upper Room Ministries please let us know. Thank you.

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